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Over the course of August and bleeding into September, Jack winds up accompanying James to the cinema or to restaurants or seeing him at clubs. Regularly. Sometimes even on week nights. This wouldn't come off as too strange unless one takes into consideration the fact that Jack made a strict point of not socialising with James except in the most extreme conditions. Meals and drinks, for as much as Jack enjoys each evening, are not to be considered extreme. They are in fact normal. Disconcertingly normal.

And they keep happening.

Jack firmly blames Elizabeth. He would blame Will but the boy is hopeless to put in any resistence in the face of Elizabeth's many charms. Jack's not so successful at that either, come to think of it. When Elizabeth rings or emails with another invitation to spend Friday night acting as a buffer between James and her sex life (her exact words being something along the lines of, "It's quite unfair, you know, to leave James sitting all by himself. Will and I are hardly enough company for him"), Jack hems and haws and eventually agrees to meet the three of them.

Well. The hemming and hawing might be subjective. It does seem unfair, after all. Jack's not cruel enough to leave James (or Elizabeth) to that fate.

So it goes this Friday night, the same as the last four, that Jack finds himself lounging against a lamp post outside his flat, taking pulls alternatively from a flask and a fag as he waits for Elizabeth, Will, and James to appear from the horizon. A car rolls to a stop by the kerb and a very bubbly female creature launches from the passanger door in a mid-rift bearing shirt.

Jack smirks and hides his flask before Elizabeth can nick it. James must be in a chipper mood with Elizabeth dressed like that.

"Where to tonight?" he asks as Elizabeth gives him a quick hug.

"Will arranged tickets to the premier of Bright Young Things from a friend of his at work."

Work here being the dingy little garage Bill got him gainful employment in on the wish that Will will at least put engineering to good use. It seems fitting that the other employees there should be corrupting Will with tickets to think.

Jack opens the rear passanger door for Elizabeth, ushering in the back with Will before he joins James in the front of the vehicle. "Concert?"

"No, I could have done tickets to see Aerosmith but I traded them in for this film. Sorry, Jack," Will says, sounding not very sorry at all. Elizabeth snuggles up tight against his side. It makes his expression go a bit funny, somewhere between pleased and pained.

Jack frowns at the disappointment, possibly just what Will wanted, and slumps into the passanger seat. At least there's James to distract him. Jack flicks a piece of ash out the window and leans into James' shoulder, eyeing the conglomeration that is Will and Elizabeth through the review window. "And you approved of this?"

What he really means is "hello".

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