Date: 2008-10-17 08:42 pm (UTC)
"My deepest thousand apologies," Jack says in mock solemnity, folding his hands together. But the smile gives the lie away. He couldn't be sorry if he tried, which he's not, not when James is sitting across from him, looking like that, inviting Jack eyes to stray if they will to follow his hands on his chest. It's hard to resist the temptation to just lean over and touch the velvet himself, part James' shirt a little bit. The table will make that difficult, however, and Jack does know the rules. Besides, it's far more entertaining to edge the boundaries without actually crossing them. James reacts far more interestingly that way.

So Jack contents himself with looking only, shifting his heel just slightly against James' hip and thigh.

He shrugs at the comment. "Why live like you're miserable, eh? Might as well get the most fun that you can, go where you want, take what makes you happy and leave the rest. Would Mr. James Lysander disagree? Not one to run into the woods to be with your beloved?"

It's honest curiousity Jack has for that answer, why it should seemed to be a concept worth remarking on for James. Jack knows he doesn't have the most normal life, never stayed in one place long enough to find one, but he never wanted that. There's far too much out there to see and to do than can be accomplished sitting still.
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