Date: 2008-10-16 09:18 am (UTC)
'I couldn't say,' he drawls, eying Jack's expansive gesture with a little purse of the lips

His answer following the comment about arsonists that James would frankly rather not look into, though- that's got a certain logic to it. Still doesn't stop it being strange that Jack went and Googled his prosecutor. It's not as if there'd be anything much to Google, after all; he's still just a student, no matter what a good one he might be. James can't help but wonder if this was before or after the trial, when Jack had apparently decided that trying to pick him up would be a good idea.

Still thinks it is a good idea, judging from the line that comes next. James offers a small, slightly rueful smile as he nabs the cigarette from Jack's fingers. 'Tea,' he says, 'but I hardly think it's really appropriate for me to see a defendant outside of a purely... professional context.'

And maybe, yeah, professional isn't exactly the right word, but the point still stands. For him to go out on a date with the man he just gave three days in jail and fined 3,000 pounds would, besides being highly inappropriate, be frankly rather ridiculous.
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