Date: 2008-10-29 05:31 pm (UTC)
That is not a happy tone James has and it gets followed by not a happy look. Jack twists his wrist to interlock their fingers, pointing their joined hands to the man in question. "The Doctor? He's the Doctor."

Which should be obvious and unhelpful, so Jack smiles at that clarification. It's a neat trick, this, meeting the Doctor, and James doesn't seem to understand what it is that Jack's done for him by bringing the Doctor here.

He tips sideways to look past James' shoulder, giving the Doctor an apologetic expression. "Bit slow in the mornings, need to forigve him." Then turns back to James. "Taller in person than he looks, isn't he? Doesn't know he's a television programme. Thought we could watch some?"

It's not really that he's asking James' permission exactly. It's more than James keeps doing that thing with his face, that none too pleased thing. That thing that means Jack would be better off taking the Doctor elsewhere and quick. But it's his flat too, and James will eventually come around. Jack will make him.

So he pulls away and wanders into the kitchen, opening the refridgerator for a drink. "Want a drink? For the heat?" Jack asks and pulls out a bottle.
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