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Jack's book collection consists of a fascinating variety of fiction and non-fiction that spans all topics and genres from aviation over Russian existentialism over nuptial law to science fiction. It seems that at some point, someone has tried to categorize the books in a system according to a chronological, thematic and alphabetical order, but as far as the Doctor can tell, the amount of books that are in their proper place adds up to roughly sixty percent.

He makes his way around the room, until he spots a row of video tapes on one of the bottom shelves. He crouches down to take a closer look, but before he can pick one of the tapes up, someone behind him clears his throat.

When he looks around, he sees a man standing in the doorway who is very definitively not Jack. For one thing, he looks different. For another, he's wearing a bathrobe and has wet hair. The Doctor gets to his feet and reaches out to shake the other man's hand, but before he can say anything, Jack appears behind the robe-wearing man, introducing him as James. The Doctor gives James a smile.

"Hello, I'm the Doctor. Jack was so kind as to invite me to watch some video tapes."
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