Date: 2008-10-29 02:51 pm (UTC)
James is not buried beneath the covers in the bed when Jack flings himself onto it to ease James gently into consciousness. Jack flounders in the sheets, dodging the looming warm spots where James displaced all of his body heat, and thouroughly inspects the surrounding area (mostling consisting of hanging upside down over the lip of the mattress) to see whether James melted from the heat and leaked onto the floor. It winds up checking out and James seems to still retain some sort of corporeal form.

Jack is investigating the study, spinning in James' chair to get a complete view of the room (investigation can be difficult on a sugar high), when he hears the shower cut out and the bathroom door wrench open. Jack pokes out of the study (by leaps and bounds) and smacks into James' back at the mouth of the hall.

James smells soapy and freshly clean, and his hair is wet and curling at the nape of his neck, so that Jack has no choice but to wrap his arms around James' hips, hugging him and the cool of the shower closer.

"Ooph," Jack says, perhaps a little belatedly. "Didn't know you were up."

The Doctor crouches by the arm of the sofa, watching them. Jack throws an arm out to gesture to him, then thumps James in the chest. "I had ice cream. This is James."

Jack never promised he was ever any good at introductions.
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