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Opening times have always seemed like a silly thing to him, but the Doctor guesses it's a sensible system if you're a species that requires a lot of sleep. And he actually enjoys queuing; it gives him an opportunity to watch people without making them think he's staring.

He doesn't notice the man queuing behind him, though, until he makes a remark about the color or the mint chocolate chip ice cream, which he seems to think is slightly off. The Doctor suggests it might be an optical illusion caused by the lighting, and they end up arguing about the importance of food display, which then leads to a debate about ice cream flavors. The Doctor sticks around after getting his cone, and notices with satisfaction that the man orders a double cone. Cookie dough simply is the best flavor.

They sit on a bench, and the Doctor enjoys the conversation they're having. The man is proving to be a very entertaining conversationalist; so entertaining, in fact, that they've gone half-way through their ice cream by the time the Doctor remembers to introduce himself. He's slightly puzzled, though, when the man - whose name seems to be Jack - tells him that he watches him almost every Saturday night on television.

That's just intriguing.

It doesn't seem to be a misunderstanding, so when Jack offers to show him some tapes back at his flat, the Doctor is too curious to decline. He walks with Jack back to his apartment and follows him into a neat living room that has book shelves lining the walls all the way around the room. When Jack tells him to make himself at home and leaves the room, the Doctor gets out his glasses and inspects the titles stacked on the shelves.
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