Date: 2008-10-16 08:26 am (UTC)
The reason Jack Sparrow is hanging about outside the university library is apparently, James realises as he flashes a grin, stroking a thumb over the skin of his wrist, to attempt to chat him up. He can't quite decide if he's amused, flattered, or vaguely appalled that that's the sort of impression of him a defendant should leave court with, so he settles on a wry sort of smile. He'd hardly had time or attention to notice in court, but Jack Sparrow is not at all a bad looking man, if a little... unconventional in his appearance.'

'Well, one does one's job,' he offers mildly. 'Er, Jack. It was good to meet you, I'm sure,' he starts to say, walking off down the corridor, but it soon becomes clear that Jack is following him, and James's mouth twists slightly to avoid a smirk. Stepping out, he inclines his head with that same mixture of amusement and confusion as Jack holds open the door for him- a proper gentleman.

Persistent, apparently. And again, James isn't quite sure how he feels about that. It would be easy to be slightly creeped out by the whole thing, but it's been a long while since James was out with anyone, and he had enjoyed himself arguing with the man back in court- because really, Selwyn had fallen out of the equation very early on indeed.

'Mmm?' He makes a small questioning noise when Jack asks him for a lighter, and he digs in his bag for a moment before producing one- a fancy zippo affair. He doesn't smoke often, but he likes to carry one with him regardless. One never knows, after all.

It's a spur of the moment decision, and perhaps it's slightly daft, but if this Jack wants to play the gentleman for James, he can do the same thing. So he doesn't hand the lighter over, but holds it up to light Jack's cigarette for him, lifting one eyebrow as he snaps it shut, stowing it back in his bag.

'I should certainly hope so,' he says, in response to Jack's comment. 'I'd hardly make much of a "soon to be Esquire" if I didn't.' A wry pause. 'Though you seemed to know your way about nearly as well as I do.'
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