Date: 2008-10-16 10:22 am (UTC)
James's laugh at the alacrity of Jack's response turns into a slightly warning look as he flutters the paper dangerously in the wind. He's sure he has no intention of actually letting it go- that would be foolish enough, even without James standing right there- but he can't really help himself.

He tenses slightly when Jack leans into his personal space, breathing against his ear, leaning back just a little, so that the two of them form an awkward curve. But once again, the words make him laugh. It's rare, really; not that James is a sour person, not by any means, it just takes quite a bit to make him laugh aloud. Generally, he restricts himself to eyebrow raises and dry chuckles.

It's clear what his response is intended to be, but somehow, he doesn't really mind giving it. For all he's known him for only a few hours- and most of those spent in a courtroom- Jack seems to be something different. And James never could resist a puzzle. He places a few delicate fingers on Jack's chest, shoving him lightly out of James's personal bubble.

'What if I make you a deal? We go have drinks- just this once- and you don't break any windows at all. Makes things easier for the both of us.'
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