Date: 2008-10-16 09:33 am (UTC)
Jack was expecting a "no". Maybe a shorter "no" but then law's never really been something where people keep it sweet and simple. But still. James hasn't tried to vacate Jack's company yet and that's promising. After all, he wasn't expecting the idea to go over too well, at first.

Thankfully, Jack has studied well in the art of persistence. "Not a defendant anymore, am I? Just a bloke on the street. Steps. Lawn type area... thing." He looks about their surroundings curiously, trying to find a better way to phrase that. There might not be one. So he looks back at James instead. "And I didn't ask you to anything yet. No sense in being presumptuous. I might just be inquiring about drinking habits for the sake of it. For a poll. Government thing."

Because technically, that's true. Even though Jack doesn't put a lot of stock in technicalities. He can't seem to help it, though, teasing. The thing he finds interesting about James is the way he can keep up with Jack's particular brand of logic. He didn't let Jack get away with it in the courts, even when Jack made a few good points -- if you squinted and turned your head sideways. They were still... good. Decent. Solidily shaky points.

He takes the cigarette straight from James' lips and smiles at him innocently.
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