Date: 2008-10-16 09:05 am (UTC)
"Why do it, if not spontaneously?" Jack asks and flings out an arm. Because there's not really a point to planning it out, is there? Why do something that will get you caught? That's not the point of it at all. It's only excusable for lack of foresight, which isn't something Jack exactly lacks; it just seems more of an adventure to let things go unplanned.

Well. For the most part. He nicks the cigarette back and turns his face away as he takes a drag. "Not to say there's not wisdom in not walking in blind when you can help it." There's a hole in the toe of his boot. Jack wiggles a orange toe through it. "Fair's far, after all. You got my record so I got yours."

Which really wasn't much of a record at all, apart from long names of various educational institutions and a poorly-focused photgraph of fifteen men kitted out in robes and wigs in front of presitgious looking building. Jack's record is much more colourful, on the other hand, especially if James got a hold of his sheet from Louisiana.

"Couldn't find anything, though, about a personal drinking habits. Tea or coffee? Or neither. Could like water, I suppose, since you're not one of them."
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