Date: 2008-10-16 08:37 am (UTC)
Jack nearly wants to laugh when James offers to light his cigarette for him but he keeps it to a smile, swaying in to curl his hand around the flame, touch the tip of his cigarette into the fire. He nearly wants to make some sort of comment about how he now owes James a sexual favour, but he refrains, having not heard that theory since Benny Black told him it at age twelve and then stuck his hand down Jack's trousers behind the school building.

Not possibly a story to bring up after being freshly released from court.

"Experience tends to lend itself to knowledge," Jack goes with instead, breathing out smoke.

Which perhaps isn't any better than the Benny Black comment, telling a man that this isn't his first go-around with the long arm, but it's almost a point of pride with Jack. And James should already have access to his record if he's as good as he seemed.

He holds the cigarette out for James to take if he wants. A man what has a lighter probably has something to light. And James doesn't seem the type to be an arsonist by night. Though how anyone can light a large fire at night, Jack doesn't know.

"You think arsonists carry torches with them when they go?" he asks absently. "Or do you think they just chance it? Tried many cases yet? You're in your final year, yeah?"
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