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Jack Sparrow ([personal profile] notjackkerouac) wrote2008-11-03 09:28 pm

for [ profile] justprompts: Write a letter to yourself in ten years

My most esteemed me,

Rum is in the kitchen cupboard, behind the oranges. Might want to throw those away at some point.

Telephone is under the sofa over in the corner where that lamp used to be. Have you found that lamp yet?

Glasses are in the second drawer on the right. The other right. No, wait, sorry. I meant, the right that was the right right before the right went to the other right. That right.


Make sure to check the fusile lodge on the Pearl. Again. Before you fly her. If empty, do not fill with rum. Not even in emergencies.

(That was an interesting time, though, wasn't it? Never did remember to thank that Russian woman what with her large -- Where was I? Oh yeah.)

Stop laughing. Look behind you. Does James look angry? He's sort of funny when he looks angry, doesn't he? Go kiss him for this note being taped inside his wig. Offer to find him a new one to wear to work.

Dismantle the mop head.

Gibbs has your extra flat key. He keeps the rum beneath the sink.


P.S. Tell James about the oranges after you get the key from Gibbs.